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On a journey that weaves the charm of history with the beauty of nature, our exclusive tour departs from Sorrento to explore the historic streets of Pompeii, the grandeur of Vesuvius, and the ancient splendor of Herculaneum. An eight-hour excursion, it’s a real leap into the depths of time. Book now your private tour of Pompeii, Vesuvius, and Herculaneum from Sorrento. The tour can be conducted by bus, mini bus, or minivan.

Pompeii ruins by bus or private car

Itinerary for the private tour from Sorrento: First stop Pompeii ruins

In the morning, under the clear skies of Sorrento, the journey to Pompeii begins. Here, where the ruins speak of times past, you will immerse yourself for two hours in a maze of ancient buildings, domus, shops, and temples. If you wish, you can be accompanied by an expert guide who will share anecdotes and curiosities about the ancient Roman people, showing you the main attractions of the archaeological site.

Vesuvius from Sorrento private bus or car

Walking tour on Vesuvius:

After leaving the ruins of Pompeii, we will reach Vesuvius with its paths that snake towards the sky. The walking tour on Vesuvius is an excursion through an almost alien landscape, culminating in a breathtaking view of the crater. Here, in front of the vastness of the landscape, you breathe in a magical and serene atmosphere, an incredible contrast when considering the destructive power of this volcano. Once at the top, after a walk of moderate difficulty, you will meet a volcanological guide who will share some history and interesting facts about Vesuvius. Get your camera ready for some memorable photos! Back at the parking area, your driver will wait to continue the journey.

Herculaneum ruins:

Back on board, after a few minutes, we will arrive at the ruins of Herculaneum. This site, less known but no less extraordinary than Pompeii, offers a more intimate glimpse into ancient life. The excavations at Herculaneum, buried under a blanket of ash and lapilli, are a treasure trove of perfectly preserved treasures. Walking through the ancient streets, among luxurious villas and vibrant mosaics, you will feel the life of the past pulsating under your feet. Here too, you can take advantage of a licensed tour guide who will help you better understand the artifacts and signs of the past. After about 1 hour, we will return to Sorrento, but first, your driver will make a brief stop to admire the Sorrentine Peninsula from Punta Scutolo.

The tour concludes with the return to Sorrento after 8 hours. The tour can be conducted with a 40-seat bus, a 20-seat mini bus, or an 8-seat minivan.

What's Included